Lodging Interactive Launches Affordable Data-Driven Hotel Websites: Empowering Every Hotelier

A new, modern, and fully responsive hotel website starts at just $2,500 for website development and a monthly fee of just $399.

Lodging Interactive Launches Affordable Data-Driven Hotel Websites: Empowering Every Hotelier

PARSIPPANY, NJ - Lodging Interactive, an award-winning digital marketing, reputation management, and social media engagement agency exclusively serving the hospitality industry since 2001, is excited to announce the launch of its affordable subscription-based website design and marketing services platform.

“Today, hotel websites continue to be dynamic and have become interactive platforms shaping guests' first impressions and driving bookings,” said DJ Vallauri, Founder & CEO of Lodging Interactive. “Our ability to deliver stunning websites that include strong analytical and ROI conversion tracking in an affordable monthly subscription model is an attractive solution for many properties.”

Website Affordability Meets Quality

In recent years, the hotel website development space has undergone a profound transformation. Gone are the days when hotels had to budget $15,000 and up for a new website. New technology stacks that marry creative and modern designs with ROI conversion tracking in an affordable solution are more widely available to developers. Sophisticated conversion tracking methods and Google Analytics version 4 integration have come a long way and become more affordable to deploy by hotel website developers.

Lodging Interactive's subscription-based approach to hotel website development is setting a new pace in the industry.  “We’ve created custom digital website experiences that effectively communicate what a hotel is all about, and we’re doing it in a way that's both budget-friendly and revenue-achieving,” added Vallauri. “With our subscription-based model, hoteliers can expect visually compelling websites designed to deliver maximum ROI conversions at affordable rates.”

Fair and Affordable Pricing Model for Hoteliers

A new, modern, and fully responsive hotel website starts at just $2,500 for website development and a monthly fee of just $399. Each website includes:

  • Website creative, design, and development.
  • Blazing-fast website hosting on Amazon Web Services.
  • Booking engine integration services with ROI tracking.
  • Initial Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) setup.
  • Fully managed website changes that are done for you.
  • ADA compliance widget.
  • Real-time reporting and ongoing monthly reporting.
  • Assigned Account Executive.
  • Monthly strategy and business review calls.

Additional Lodging Interactive and CoMMingle:Engagement services can be added, such as  Paid Search Engine Management (Google Ads & Microsoft Bing Ads), Guest Review Response Services, Social Media Marketing and Engagement Services, and Omnichannel Marketing.

Organic SEO Built Into Every Website

At Lodging Interactive, we recognize that a beautiful website is just one piece of the digital puzzle. We seamlessly weave SEO into every part of the design and development process to ensure our clients' websites are visually appealing and visible to their target audiences. Each website is optimized for search engines, from the foundational architecture to the content details. A holistic approach ensures every page is crafted with users and search algorithms in mind, striking the perfect balance between aesthetics, content, and functionality. This built-in SEO ensures client websites are primed to rank well, connect with their audience, and drive organic traffic from the moment they go live.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

In today's digital marketplace, merely having an online presence isn't enough. Paid Search Engine Marketing, encompassing platforms Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads, is paramount in carving out a prominent spot in the saturated digital landscape. While organic strategies lay a foundational digital footprint, paid SEM elevates hotels to the forefront, ensuring they're seen by the right eyes at the perfect moment. 

By leveraging SEM, hotels can target specific demographics, respond in real-time to market shifts, and achieve measurable results.  Lodging Interactive actively manages these search engine paid campaigns for hotels, ensuring each property harnesses the full power of search engine advertising, driving visibility, traffic, and conversions.

Precision-Driven ROI: Beyond Just Design

An exceptional hotel digital presence requires more than just website aesthetics and functionality. It's about understanding its efficacy and making data-driven decisions. Lodging Interactive is all in on this approach. Integrated with Google Analytics 4, hotel websites offer an unmatched level of tracking, such as each booking made to specifics such as room type and the originating website.

Vallauri underscores, "Our ROI tracking is about transparency and empowering our clients with actionable insights. Tracking every booking, understanding guest preferences, and optimizing offerings is crucial."

Instantaneous Insights with Real-Time Analytics

Each hotel website Lodging Interactive creates and manages includes real-time website analytics and an ROI dashboard. Tailored for the hospitality industry, this reporting tool isn't just about data; it's about clarity, comprehensibility, and adaptability. From monitoring real-time interactions to discerning ROI through clear visualizations, the Lodging Interactive analytics dashboard is a game-changer. “Hoteliers now have a panoramic view of their website's performance data, enabling them to pivot marketing strategies seamlessly," Vallauri shares. "It ensures hoteliers are always informed, ready to harness opportunities and navigate challenges."

For more information and to receive a pricing quote for your property, click to visit Lodging Interactive’s website or call 877-291-4411 ext 704.

About Lodging Interactive

Since its founding in 2001, Lodging Interactive has provided digital marketing services to hotels worldwide, including select service, full-service, and luxury properties.

The Company's social media marketing and guest reviews response division, CoMMingle:Engage, serves a range of hospitality businesses, including hotels, restaurants, spas, and management companies.

Additionally, the Company provides subscription-based website development and digital marketing services. The subscription-based service is based on a 'pay-as-you-go' model and requires little upfront investment on the part of the hotel.

Lodging Interactive has received numerous awards, including the HSMAI Adrian Award and accolades from the International Academy of Visual Arts, Interactive Media Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, Web Marketing Association, Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, and Travel Weekly's Magellan Awards.

For more information, email hello@lodginginteractive.com, call 877-291-4411 ext. 704, or visit the company's website.


DJ Vallauri
President & Founder
Phone: 877-291-4411 ext 704